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oatcake jewellery

Pure bronze oatcake pendants, handcrafted in Staffordshire. 

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Bronze Oatcake frenzy!

Every now and again an opportunity comes up which stops you in your tracks and makes you want to say 'no' and run away. Well Friday night was my opportunity for a little panic. I had an email from BBC Radio Stoke asking me to go into the show to talk live about the...

Hidden gems

Our Local Artist - Liam Sproston People often talk about hidden gems as places and objects but Stoke has got some absolutely amazing hidden gems of talent in its people. One thing that Scruffy Little Herbert aims to do is to keep all the positivity and creativity that...

We’re back!

  Ay up ducks! We are so chuffed to be seeing in the 2018 with a brand new website! Just like the new year new me diet shiz we've tried to totally declutter and cut out the crap! Hopefully its a lot easier to find your way around. Now, we'll be the first to admit that...

Ay up duck!


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