Ay up ducks!

We are so chuffed to be seeing in the 2018 with a brand new website! Just like the new year new me diet shiz we’ve tried to totally declutter and cut out the crap! Hopefully its a lot easier to find your way around.

Now, we’ll be the first to admit that we have been totally rubbish at adding to this blog ( I blame the beautiful time and energy vampires that are my scruffy offspring! haha) but this year things are going to change!

We’ve got plans to refine the products with more limited edition and collectors ranges in our ceramics with designs so special that your brew won’t feel right if its not inside one of them!

We’re also going to be taking another look at our packaging over the next few months, 2017 saw us reduce our use of plastic by over 50% but we reckon that can be reduced again so its definitely something we’re looking into. For the sake of all those lovely sea creatures that are struggling under the weight of mankind’s rubbish.

Thats it for now but more blogging coming soon!


Cheers duck