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For all those thinking ‘diet starts tomorrow ‘, how about ditching the sad step and enjoying your body exactly as it it. Every last ounce of it in all it’s beautiful glory no matter how many ounces that may be and no matter how many airbrushed images grace your social media today. Because nobody breathes their last breath wishing they’d spent more time hating their body

Sometimes it’s hard to remember a time when things were simpler and your body wasn’t the battleground that society has made it today. But it IS your home , the only one you’ll ever have, please don’t forget that🙏


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It’s funny what inspiration you get from a half n hour cuppa with @katehennesseybowers. We were talking about making some exciting alternative kids books to introduce kids to cultural diversity at a young age through bright and engaging stories and illustrations.


Grandparent Stoke Goodbye Duck

Another piece up on my illustration page ‘Esme Kira Illustrations’. I thought it’d be appreciated here too. What i wouldn’t give for one last massive hug with my nan and the way she insisted on standing at the gate at the end of the drive, constantly waving until the car was out of sight. Bless her.

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When your mac dies and you worry that you won’t be able to design for a while until you can afford to fix it but then you discover an amazing drawing app on your iPad 😍😍 also playing with some more blue and white which is quickly becoming a obsession 🤣